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Landycenter’s offer: a completely restored Series Land Rover! A fully rebuilt vehicle with new quality parts, just like it was when it rolled out of the factory 40-50 years ago.


The restoration  process:

We purchase Series II and III Land Rovers in a condition good enough to restore. During the restoration we try to preserve as many original parts as possible, because this increases the value of the restored vehicle. We replace all worn parts with new quality ones.

We sand all car parts and we start to rebuild the vehicle with quality metal pieces. We paint all elements in several layers of anti-corrosive paint and we galvanise metal parts.  After repairing aluminium and metal parts of the body work, we spray paint those in and outside.


Chassis: this is the most vulnerable part of a Land Rover. Aggressive corrosion happens mostly here. Professional care and experience is needed here to make sure that at a later stage all body parts fit nicely.


Engine and gearbox: after thorough cleaning, we disassemble everything. We restore all the parts that are still good enough to maintain and replace those that are too worn to keep.

Suspension: we try to preserve original parts as much as possible, but upon client’s request, we can install modern leaf springs and shock absorbers. In most cases we replace worn parts such as the swivel pin, bearings, swivel pin housing, etc. After disassembling the leaf springs, we restore them completely.


Body: it is often quite a challenge to restore the battered aluminium body parts. In our workshop you can find all equipment and experience necessary for obtaining a fresh new look.  We paint the parts inside and outside with special aluminium paint and we reassemble all parts with original British screws. In this way, we can create focus on body lines and shape.


Electrical system: In most cases we completely replace the wire harness with a quality modern version which looks like exactly like the original one. We check, clean and repair all dashboard instruments.


Accessories: the range of Land Rover accessories is inexhaustible: winches, free-wheeling hubs, soft-tops, hard-tops, pick-up tops, variable body setups, differential locks and expedition equipment. We have many years of experience in purchasing and installation.

Colours: the client chooses the colour of the car from the original colour palette.

Our favorite colours:

- pastel green / light green

- deep bronze green

- marine blue

- mid grey

- poppy red

- limestone

Warranty: we give one year warranty for paint work and parts if the vehicle is used as agreed and stored in a garage.

Landycenter on the cover of a magazin!

The most prestigious hungarian old-timer periodical "Veterán" published a detailed article about our first old-timer certificated Series IIA!